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Canally Timbers - March 2020

In 2011 when the Canally arrived in Morgan it came with several bundles of timber to be used in the reconstruction of the boat.

Early working bees prepared the timber in readiness for use as decking planks some of which have ended up as the wheelhouse floor & flooring on the lower deck.

The timber which is NZ Kauri was sourced from rum vats in Queensland.  We believe they originally came from the person who had replaced the timber vats with stainless steel ones in Beenleigh.  Whilst preparing the timber a South Australian connection with the rum vats was discovered.

An inscription in pencil on one of the pieces states:

                           ERECTED BY
                        A SCHAHINGER
                           J. HOUSTON
                            JULY 1939


The Shahingers were Coopers in Adelaide from around 1904 until 2003.  Albert (Bert) Schahinger was a cousin of the last owner Geoff Schahinger & trained as a Cooper, he was also a well-known amateur cyclist in the 1930’s & 40’s.  He spent some time in Brisbane before the war where we believe he used his skills as a Cooper.  This may have been one of his last coopering jobs as Bert joined the Air Force during World War 2 after which he joined the Australian Tax Office & never returned to the old business. 

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